Master Defense Sessions

Faculty Name of Master Candidate Title of the Thesis News
Dentistry Joanna Majid Hayder Accuracy Of The Implant Impression By Conventional And Digital Techniques
Education Kanar Zirak Haseeb Chicho The Effects of Embedded Learning on Students’ Performance in EFL Classes at Foundation Year in College of Education at Tishk International University
Education Lava Noori Hama Ali Evaluation of speaking curriculums in the Erbil Private Universities using context, Input, process, and product
Engineering Salih Miqdad Taher Study of Functionally Graded Materials for Pile Foundation in a Layered Continuum
Engineering Mohammed Qadir Comparison Study Between the Influences of Polymer Modifiers on Porous Hot Asphalt Mixtures
Engineering Alameen Hamd Jasm Evaluation and Performance of Heavy Duty Steel Structural Communication Towers Under the Effects of Seismic and Wind Loading
Engineering Hozan Himdad Evaluation Of Lateral Load Resisting Systems Of Reinforced Concrete Structures Using Pushover Analysis
Law Blind Saadi Hussein The Position of Public International Law in

Iraqi Constitutional System
Dentistry Chenar Subhi Jameel Evaluation of smear layer removal by erbium chromium-doped yttrium scandium, gallium and garnet and diode laser: scanning electron microscopy study
Dentistry Binar Khalis Bilal Evaluation of composite resin shrinkage and leakage with using different bonding generations and different polymerization techniques by micro-computed tomography
Dentistry Sana Rizgar Ubeid Laboratory Evaluation of New E.Max Orthodontic Bracket- An in-vitro study
Dentistry Ranu Hogir Ismail The Effecacy Of Different Techniques To Remove Calcium Hydroxide As Intracanal Medecament
Dentistry Shilan Hameed Fatah Evaluation of Shear Bond Strength of Molloplast B Softlinear to Polymethylmethacrylate Denture Base Material
Dentistry Nazli Adeeb Yahya Evaluation of Different surface treatment methods on shear bond strength of orthodontic brackets on demineralized enamel
Dentistry Soma Saro Qadri Evaluation of the marginal vertical /horizontal gap of lithium disilicate veneer fabricated using two different impression techniques through micro-computed tomography
Dentistry Bnar Othman Hamafaraj Root Dentin Strain and Thermal Alteration during Instrumentation and Post Space Rehabilitation (In Vitro Comparative Study)
Dentistry Botan Abdullah Mustafa Cephalometric Norms of Erbil Kurdish Adults According to the Steiner Analysis
Dentistry Saya Hadi Raouf Micro Computed Tomography Evaluation of Sealing Ability of Different Bioceramic Endodontic Sealers