After Defense Procedure

The followings are the steps to be followed after defense:

    1. The Defense (VIVA) Committee assigns one of the members to trace the corrections in the thesis (the Tracer).
    2. The student modifies the thesis according to the corrections suggested by the Defense (VIVA) Committee. Then he/she submits the final modified version (hard-copy) to the Tracer for his/her approval.
    3. The Tracer checks the modified version of the thesis and traces the corrections. If the amendments meet the corrections suggested by the Defense (VIVA) Committee Members, then he/she signs “Thesis Corrections Approval”- For that, the departments should email the form to the tracer right after the defense or to hand it to him/her by the end of the defense session. Also, the tracer should sign the “Examination Certificate” (located at the beginning of the thesis).
    4. The master student takes the approved version of the thesis and the signed “Thesis Corrections Approval” from the tracer. The student  collects the signatures of the other members of the examination committee. Also, the supervisor certificate should be signed by the supervisor.  (here it is recommended that the student makes 7 copies (for the bound copies) of all the papers that should be signed to collect all the signatures at once).
    5. The student delivers the final version of the thesis and the signed “Thesis Corrections Approval” to the Chief of Postgraduate Studies of the related Faculty.
    6. The Chief of Postgraduate Studies does an overview general check for the thesis. Then he/she calls for a “Graduation Decision Meeting”. Following staff should attend the meeting:
      1. Chief of Postgraduate Studies.
      2. The Head of related Department
      3. At least one member from the partner university (should be a member in the Master Program Joint Board).
      4. Minutes-taker.
  1. The Chief of Postgraduate Studies submits the meeting minutes to the Dean of the Faculty.
  2. The Dean submits the meeting minutes attached with a cover letter to the Vice-president for Academic Affairs.
  3. The Vice-president for Academic Affairs  includes the master student’s case in the earliest University Council meeting.
  4. In the meeting, the University Council approves the faculty’s suggestion.
  5. With regards to the decree of the meeting minutes, a “Graduation University Order” shall be issued and signed by the University President. The A copy of the order shall be delivered to the Director of Student Affairs, to the related department, and to the partner university.
  6. The Director of Student Affairs starts the Graduation Process by contacting the Ministry of Higher Education and …….etc. He/she should cc the partner university when corresponding the Ministry.
  7. The related department informs the student to prepare and bring 6 bounded copies and to submit them to the Master Studies Office. The binding colors are red for the scientific programs and dark blue for humanitarian programs. The thesis has to be submitted both in hard copies and electronically – on 6 CD s, in PDF & DOC format.