The mission of the Mechanical and Energy Engineering program is to educate individuals to become creative, inquisitive, industrious in both national and international arenas, equipped with global knowledge and abilities, and able to be leaders and pioneers in their field and perform research and development activities that will contribute to science and national technologies to lead and to pioneer in related fields.

Specialization Areas in Mechanical & Energy Engineering

Track 1 (Power)

  • Gas dynamics
  • Wind Energy
  • Advanced Thermodynamic
  • Solar Energy
  • Advanced Refrigeration
  • Advanced Fluid Mechanics
  • Boundary Layers
  • Two-Phase Flow
  • Advanced Heat Transfer
  • Advanced of Numerical Analysis

Track 2 (Applied Mechanics)

  • Advanced Mechanic of Solids (Strength of Materials)
  • Engineering Measurements
  • Engineering Fracture Mechanics
  • Advanced Manufacturing Process
  • Machine Element Technology
  • Advanced Machine Design
  • Advanced Engineering Materials Science